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Products with Leadsynbio's innovative technology25-hydroxyvitamin D₃

High purity and no residueRaw material with high purity and no harmful residual impurities

Great product stabilityMicroencapsulation preparation technology is used for effective protection of biological activity and a great stability

High bioavailabilityThe high biological activity can regulate and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus quickly and effectively

Packages in multiple formulation and multiple strengthsSatisfying the various addition needs of feed mills and breeding enterprises

Customized products can be provided according to customer requirements Ask now
  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃1.25%25-hydroxyvitamin D₃
  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃0.125%25-hydroxyvitamin D₃
  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃0.05%25-hydroxyvitamin D₃

More cost-effective with direct supply from source manufacturers

Factory direct supply for fast delivery
Factory direct supply for fast delivery
Factory direct supplyfor Fast delivery

Factory direct supply and follow-up by special personnel to guarantee on-time delivery

Testing according to high standards to ensure the quality
Testing according to high standards to ensure the quality
Testing according to highstandards to ensure the quality

Following the national testing standards throughout the process to ensure a consistent and stable quality continuously

Scale production to provide sufficient capacity
Scale production to provide sufficient capacity
Scale production to provideSufficient capacity

Annual production capacity of 100 tons

Timely response with after sales support
Timely response with after sales support
Timely response withafter sales support

It can provide service support such as formula ratio guidance, collaborative sorting to help establish a product evaluation system

Product customization solutions available
  • Free sample supportFree sample request
  • Customized formulation solutionCustomized formulation solution
  • Product Application GuideProduct Application Guide
  • After-sales technical serviceAfter-sales technical service
Green technology and health sharing Functional feed additives, reducing the metabolic burden on the liver and stimulating production potential

Efficacy on laying hens: 1. By improving the bone development of young chickens, the bones of laying hens can be healthier, thereby reducing the risk of wing fractures and broken; 2. Improve the eggshell firmness to reduce egg breakage rate; 3. By improving the calcium content in laying hens, the life of laying hens and egg quality can be improved.

Efficacy on breeding hens: 1. Promote the bone formation and tibia development, improve eggshell quality and hatchable egg rate; 2. Increase the survival rate and quality of embryos, and the healthy chick rate; 3. Enhance the innate immunity of chicks.

Efficacy on broilers: 1. Improve the formation and development of bones and bone strength; 2. Improve the growth performance of broilers, crop rate and breast meat rate; 3. Optimize immune function and inflammatory response and reduce coccidian oocyste; 4. Decrease leg problems and carcass degradation of broilers.

  • Product modelAdditives per ton of compound feed
  • 0.05%125g
  • 0.125%50g
  • 1.25%5g

Efficacy on sows: 1. Promote the bone development of gilts, improve their bone health and pass rate; 2. Improve the reproductive performance of lactating sows and reduce the loss of body condition and backfat of sows; 3. Improve the immunity of lactating sows and piglets, shorten the delivery time and increase the birth rate; 4. Enhance the bone quality of piglets, such as bone strength and calcium and phosphorus content in bones.

Efficacy on piglets: 1. Improve the immunity of piglets, thereby improving their survival rate and health; 2. Improve bone development and skeleton, which is helpful for the rapid growth of piglets in the later stage; 3. Increase the content of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃ in the serum of piglets, thereby increasing the daily gain.

  • Product modelAdditives per ton of compound feed
  • 0.05%100g
  • 0.125%40g
  • 1.25%4g
Mechanism of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃
Mechanism of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃

25-hydroxyvitamin D₃, namely 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, is an active metabolite of vitamin D₃ in the liver, also known as active vitamin D₃. Its potency is 3-5 times that of vitamin D₃.

The absorption rate of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃ is higher than that of vitamin D₃, which can be directly absorbed from the interstitium of the small intestinal epithelial cells into the blood circulation, reducing the impact of intestinal damage, increasing the level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃ in the blood more effectively, reducing the metabolic burden of the liver, and avoiding the risk of liver damage of young animals due to liver hypoplasia, pathogenic bacteria and toxins to affect the absorption and transformation of vitamin D₃, thereby reducing the metabolic absorption of 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃.

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