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Date: Sep 16,2021
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For egg breakage, many laying hen farmers will be upset. Statistics show that many laying hen farms have egg breakage rates.2%Above. Once an egg is damaged, its economic value will be seriously lost. A very important reason why eggs are damaged is the lack of vitamins in laying hens.D3, further speaking, is25-HydroxyvitaminD3.25-HydroxyvitaminD3, that is25-Hydroxylated (solid) alcohol, also called25-Hydroxycalciferol and calcium diol, medically known as bile calcium.......

For egg breakage, many laying hen farmers will be upset. Statistics show that many laying hen farms have egg breakage rates.2%Above. Once an egg is damaged, its economic value will be seriously lost. A very important reason why eggs are damaged is the lack of vitamins in laying hens. D3, further speaking, is 25- Hydroxyvitamin D3 .Leadsynbio Editor to tell you.

25- HydroxyvitaminD3, that is25-Hydroxylated (solid) alcohol, also called 25- Hydroxycalciferol and calciferol, medically known as cholecalciferol, are abbreviated as 25-OH-D3.

1966yearLundandDeLucaI found that I was taking vitaminsD After, vitamins DIt will disappear, but several metabolites will appear, which have stronger activity in treating rickets. The first metabolite is 25-HydroxyvitaminD3 It is found in the liver, which is a vitamin under normal circumstances. D Circulation in the body.

Why do you want to supplement 25- hydroxyvitamin D3 to livestock and poultry?

1“25-HydroxyvitaminD3"With common vitaminsD3What are the differences?

(1) vitaminsD3It is a derivative of cholesterol, which is only the precursor of its active metabolite in vivo. , Only into25-HydroxyvitaminD3After that, it has biological activity.

(2) vitaminsD3After absorption, it is stored in the liver, fat and muscle, and then transferred to the liver by blood for transformation. 25- HydroxyvitaminD3, preserved in the liver.

(3)25-HydroxyvitaminD3Specific vitamin D3Easier to absorb, can be directly absorbed into the blood circulation from the intestinal tract, is less affected by intestinal injury, and is more useful for increasing blood circulation. 25-HydroxyvitaminD3Level. The report pointed out that with vitamins D3 Compared with, 25-HydroxyvitaminD3Show better calcium homeostasis, promote bone and muscle development, and enhance immune response.

(4) absorption mode is different from fat-soluble vitamins (A D3 EK3), the utilization rate is higher. Direct supplement 25- HydroxyvitaminD3 , shortenedD3In the metabolic process of the body, accelerate the absorption rate of calcium and better improve vitamins. D3The function of.

(5) is not affected by liver dysfunction, avoiding liver dysfunction or liver injury caused by chicken liver hypoplasia, enterotoxigenia and drugs, and affecting vitamins. D3The absorption and transformation, thus reducing the 25-HydroxyvitaminD3 Synthetic metabolism.

(6) vitaminsD3The half-life in poultry body is25 God, 25-HydroxyvitaminD3approach20 God. So, like vitamin supplements. D3 The same direct supplement25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 , can guarantee vitamins. D The nutrition supply.

2“25-HydroxyvitaminD3"What are the functions?

Ensure the health of intestines, bones, liver and kidney of poultry, fully absorb nutrients of poultry, and the immunity and production performance can be excellent.

(1) in animals,25-HydroxyvitaminD3 Specific vitamin D3Absorbing is more useful, directly supplementing.25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 , reducing the burden on the liver, and avoiding the influence of intestinal injury and liver and kidney dysfunction on absorption and utilization.

(2)25-HydroxyvitaminD3 It is an important nutrient to keep bones healthy. It is better than vitamins in stimulating intestinal absorption of calcium, regulating bone calcium and promoting phosphorus absorption. D3 More valuable, it is of great significance and value in laying hens' bone development and eggshell quality. Growth period has obvious effect on skeleton development and tibia length reaching the standard; Reduce osteoporosis and fatigue of caged laying hens in fertile period, increase laying rate and prolong laying cycle; In the late egg laying stage, increasing the thickness of eggshells, improving the strength of eggshells, effectively preventing the breakage of thin-shelled eggs and eggshells, improving the quality of eggshells, and reducing the breakage rate of eggshells have obvious effects. 2% ; Significantly improve the situation of broken legs and broken wings caused by calcium deficiency, and maintain the weight of eliminated chickens. For broilers, the skeleton is well developed. ,So that the meat yield is obviously improved.

(3) According to reports,2Weeks-old chicks can not produce enough cholecalciferol. -25- Hydroxylase Therefore, when breeding eggs come from eating low vitamins D3Chickens hatched in the diet may show rickets, and even if enough vitamins are added to the diet, its symptoms cannot be eliminated. Similarly, when chickens come from eating low vitamins D3When feeding hens, if added 25- Hydroxyvitamin D3, it will grow normally, and it comes from enough vitamins. D3Chickens hatched from eggs grow the same, even at the beginning.2 Weekly administration of vitamin deficiency D3 The diet will not affect the growth of chickens.

(4)25-HydroxyvitaminD3It mainly regulates cellular immunity, but also has a strong regulatory effect on humoral immunity and antibody secretion. By regulating the immune system, it can improve the function of the immune system and greatly enhance the resistance to diseases.

(5) on the reproductive performance of breeding livestock and poultry, obviously improve the production performance of breeding chickens, reduce broken eggs, white shell and thin shell eggs, improve the qualified rate of breeding eggs, significantly increase the hatching rate, significantly increase the laying rate, and obtain the maximum bone capacity before sexual maturity.

(6) on the improvement of poultry meat quality. Find out that due to25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 Stimulating effect on muscle calcium level,The activity of protease in muscle is improved, so the water-holding capacity of meat is improved, and the tenderization and color improvement of meat are promoted.

Now on the market25-HydroxyvitaminD3Chemical synthesis method is mainly adopted in the production of, and its process involves problems such as difficult raw material source, complex reaction, serious pollution and so on, and there are many disadvantages in large-scale industrial industrialization. Piloting organisms to develop innovative technologies to produce25-HydroxyvitaminD3  , the reaction steps are simple, the yield is high, and the amount of three wastes generated in the preparation process is very small, which is very environment-friendly; It can greatly reduce the addition of vitamins through feed in aquaculture. D3The required cost.

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