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Date: Aug 16,2021
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Keio University in Japan published a cooperation with the University of Washington in the United States, and began to study "longevity substances" in Japan.β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide(β-Nicotiamidemooucleotide,NMN)Conduct clinical research on human application. This is the beginning of the world.NMNTo conduct clinical research on human application. Pilot organism concentrationNMNIn the field of synthetic biology, its products include pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs, veterinary drugs and animal feed, food additives and nutrition and health products. Keio......

Keio University in Japan published a cooperation with the University of Washington in the United States, and began to study "longevity substances" in Japan.β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide(β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide,NMN)Conduct clinical research on human application. This is the beginning of the world.NMNTo conduct clinical research on human application.Leadsynbio focuses on innovative application research of synthetic biology and develops biological synthesis. NMN And realize industrialization!

The ethics committee of Keio University reviewed and approved the appropriateness of this clinical research on human application.

The applied clinical research of human body was jointly implemented by Professor Imai Shinichiro of the University of Washington, USA, his research team and Keio University of Japan, and used byNMNProducts made for Japanese domestic manufacturers for experimental research.

Clinical research on human application of longevity substance NMN in Japan

According to the arrangement of the research plan, you will choose10name40~60Age group, healthy male intakeNMNAfter several months to half a year, to study the safety of this substance applied to human body. The person in charge of the clinical research, Professor Ito Yuki of Keio University (research areas: kidney, endocrine and metabolism) said: Because it is not clear that the human body ingests a large dose,NMNAs a result, we must really grasp the safety of using this substance. I hope it can be effectively applied in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and other diseases caused by aging in the future.

According to the arrangement of the clinical research plan, it is necessary to carry out continuous research and observation for several years, measure and grasp relevant data to confirm whether the substance can effectively delay or inhibit the decline of body function caused by aging.

The Japanese government has decided to2017financial year(2017.4.1-2018.3.31)Start, officially launch the research project to curb aging, plan to be included in the national budget, and invest a lot of money.NMNAs a pioneering project in this field, the applied human clinical research project is valued and expected.

β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide(β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide), English abbreviation isNMNIts chemical structural formula is as follows:

chemical formulaC11H15N2O8P molecular weightM.W. 334.22

This substance is a compound that can be generated in various organisms including human beings and is also contained in various foods.

2011In, Professor Imai Shinichiro of the University of Washington and his research team were usingNMNIn the experiment of treating diabetic mice, amazing therapeutic effects were obtained and reported to the world for the first time.NMNThe existence of this substance. In the subsequent research, the researchers found that:NMNGenes that can inhibit aging functionSirtuin(Deacetylase)Activity, not only is effective in treating diabetes, but also can improve the decline of body function caused by aging of various organs, eyes and even brain in organism. What makes the researchers feel incredible is that the organs of the experimental mice injected with this substance have almost improved and returned to their young state.

Professor Imai Ichiro is currently a professor at the University of Washington Medical Center in the United States, and graduated from Keio University Medical Center in Japan with a doctor of medicine. The research fields are the control mechanism of aging and life span of mammals, and the basic theory and methods of anti-aging research.

Professor Imai pointed out: Recently4,5In recent years, great progress has been made in the research on the mechanism of biological aging and life system. Researchers have grasped what functions of organisms are, which decline with aging. At the same time, researchers have also found that: investing in organismsNMNMaterial has amazing effects in maintaining and improving various functions of organism.

with regard toNMNThis substance was explained by Professor Imai:β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide(β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide,NMN)From vitamins.B3The generated substances can be converted into necessary for maintaining human functions.NADThis substance. The researchers found that with the aging, the various organs of the organismNDAThe amount will be reduced, and at the same time, it will be produced in the organism.NDAThe ability will also decline.

nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide(Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ), English abbreviation isNADIts chemical structural formula is as follows:

That is to say,NMNThis substance plays a very important role in the restoration of human organ function, but with the increase of age, its amount in the body will gradually decrease. Professor Imai stressed that,NMNThis kind of substance exists in all people's bodies, and giving it to people only supplements the reduction of the amount of the substance contained in the human body. This is different from the general use of drugs to treat diseases, that is, administrationNMNIt can improve the human body function as a whole, and restore and enhance the declining human body function.

with regard toNMNProfessor Imai put forward two ideas: one is to use a larger dose when suffering from diseases.NMNIn order to improve the symptoms and use them as "therapeutic drugs". The other is daily intake.NMNTo improve and enhance the natural decline of physical function due to aging, that is, to be used as "preventive medicine".

According to the results of research and experiment with mice, it can be inferred that the human body from fifties to sixties is formed in the body.NMNThe ability of the material will decline, therefore, before this age, the intake will begin.NMN, can make up for in vivo generation.NMN Material deficiency.

After throwing at the mouseNMNNo side effects were observed in the research experiment, but it is necessary to do our best in the future research experiment to study and grasp the safety and effectiveness of the substance used by human body.

But Professor Imai also stressed that:NMNIt is not a "panacea" and cannot cure all diseases. At the same time, it can not completely inhibit the aging of human body. Its function is only to prolong the period that human beings maintain a healthy life, but it is impossible to prolong people's life several times or even live forever.

Professor Imai said: People can't avoid death, and the human body can't completely avoid aging. The goal of this study is to enable people to lead a full, healthy and happy life.

In Japan, which is aging day by day, how to prolong people's life while keeping healthy, that is, to prolong the so-called "healthy life", has become an important issue facing Japan. If the elderly can maintain their daily life healthily, the medical expenses and nursing expenses borne by the state can be saved.

This clinical study willNMNAs a person who has been tested for food administration, if the safety of this substance applied to human body and the effectiveness of delaying and inhibiting aging are confirmed, it is conceivable to develop "functional food" to market in the future.

Researchers have found that if yeast is used for artificial preparation, the finished product will not be toxic. Besides being eaten directly, it can also be smeared on the skin, and it can be predicted that it will be used to produce soap, skin care cream and other products in cosmetics industry. In the United States, this substance has attracted the attention of relevant industrial fields, and it is planned to develop beauty products to market.

Leadsynbio is committed to the development of synthetic biotechnology in the fields of medicine, nutrition and health care, animal health care, etc., and provides bio-manufactured products for enterprises in related fields. The core team is led by scientists in the field of synthetic biology, and gathers high-level compound talents from overseas, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Jiangnan University and other universities. At present, the team has developed a number of technological innovation projects and realized industrialization, and applied for invention patents.

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