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(R)-2- hydroxy -4- phenylbutyrate ethyl ester
Product name:(R)-2-hydroxyl/oxhydryl-4-Ethyl phenylbutyrate
Molecular weight:208.25
Molecular formula: C 12H 16O 3
Standard:Enterprise standard
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Product introduction Product introduction
(R)-2-hydroxyl/oxhydryl-4-Ethyl phenylbutyrate is a series of synthetic angiotensin peptidase inhibitors (ACEI), as one of the useful structural units,(R)-2-hydroxyl/oxhydryl-4-Ethyl phenylbutyrate can be coupled with different amino groups to synthesize puli drugs.
  • use

    be used forACE-inhibitorsSynthesis of drugs

  • package

    25KG/Or barrel200KG/Barrel; Packaging specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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