Suzhou Leadsynbio Technology Co.,Ltd.

The synthetic biology technology platform continues to facilitate
the development and commercialization of products

Leadsynbio, founded in 2015, is a national high-tech company driven by synthetic biology technology. We focus on developing and leveragingcutting-edge synthetic biology to replace the traditional chemical production process, and deliver bio-manufacturing products for human health,
animal nutrition, animal health, and plant protection markets worldwide.


A comprehensive synthetic biology technological platform   

Genetic Engineering
Genetic Modification
Metabolic Engineering
Metabolic Modification
Enzyme Engineering
Enzyme Modification
Fermentation Engineering
Fermentation Modification
Chemical Synthesis
Chemical Synthesis
High-throughput Screening
High-throughput Screening

Deep integration of research, production, and salesPromoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain.

  • Project Approval and Initiation Project Approval and InitiationProject Approval
    and Initiation
  • DesignDesignDesign
  • ConstructionConstructionConstruction
  • IndustrializationIndustrializationCommercialization
  • OptimizationOptimizationOptimization
  • TestTestTest
  • More Innovative Technical SolutionsMore Innovative Technical Solutions
  • Higher R&D EfficiencyHigher R&D Efficiency
  • Faster Response to MarketFaster Response to Market
  • More Comprehensive Industrial LayoutMore Comprehensive Industrial Layout

Technology application and achievement transformation  

Leadsynbio - Technology application and achievement transformation

Pharmaceuticals · Field application-Leadsynbio
Animal health

Nutrition and health care · Field application-Leadsynbio
Human Health


animal health · Field application-Leadsynbio
Animal Nutrition


plant protection · Field application-Leadsynbio
Plant protection


Core R&D Team-LeadsynbioCore R&D Team

Leadsynbio establishes an interdisciplinary research and development team led by senior scientists in the field of synthetic biology with nearly 200 research and development employees and 60% of them are masters or PhD.prestigious universities and institutions such as the University of California, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University, Tianjin University, and China Pharmaceutical University. Their expertise encompasses various disciplines including genetic engineering, enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering, chemical synthesis nd fermentation engineering.Led by senior scientists in each discipline field, our team deeply integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies in the field of synthetic biology, and continues to develop original biosynthesis technologies and achieve industrial application.


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